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The main thing that "Minnie Pauz" brings to the table is a sense of humor about the whole subject of aging and feeling like the fun has gone out of our lives just because we're "changing". The aging process is inevitable but some do it better than others so we've GOT to laugh about it or we're doomed to feeling miserable for the next 30 to 40 years! Hey, that's a lot of time to do things we always wanted to do and still time to take care of ourselves and have FUN!

24 September 2013

Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

Posted in The Minnie Pauz Blog

BHRT confusion
There is an article in the October 2013 issue of MORE magazine that is once again setting us up for confusion about taking what is called "bio-identical" homones or BHRT. I put that in quotes because just like everything else these days (organic, natural, free-range), nothing is really as clear or real as it sounds.
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