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Minnie Pauz® continues to be the most unique and FUN approach to getting the attention of midlife women and to stand out among all your competitors who are using the old, boring advertising methods. Women are downright fed up with so many confusing medical reports and so many ads that all say the same thing. That's why approaching women's health concerns with something fresh and fun such as Minnie Pauz is such a success. And it's not just health products the Minnie Pauz reader is looking for, it's LIFESTYLE changes they're dealing with and GRANDCHILDREN, sometimes DATING and of course, FINANCIAL decisions, not to mention having to deal with unwanted FACIAL HAIR!! Minnie Pauz is the ultimate babyboomer and the audience LOVES her! 


"Baby boomers surpass younger age groups as the highest spenders on technology, according to a study by Forrester Research. Boomers are also as likely as younger generations to own consumer electronics, and while they lag behind in adapting technology, they are catching up on the Internet. By 2010, boomers made up 34% of the online population, up from 28% in 2000." Advertising Age

"Marketers should heed the aging population of baby boomers -- now at 78 million -- and the expansive buying power they hold over consumer products, writes David Bohan. Making up 38.5% of all consumer spending, baby boomers are more likely to have Internet access and watch more online videos. Plus, AARP expects the 65-and-older market to grow twice as fast as 18- to 49-year-olds, making boomers an extremely important demographic for marketers to watch." The Tennessean (Nashville), 



Previous Clients include:


Since 1960, when we built the first-ever retirement community, west of Phoenix, 
active adults have found a place to belong with Del Webb.

A safe, natural alternative for the treatment of perimenopause and menopause symptoms.†
 † This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The world's trusted source of in-home, elderly companionship and home care.
"The Boomer woman has been relying on the health-publishing giants (like WebMD and Mayo Clinic) for over a decade,but she is now relying equally on trusted communities online (like, places where she can share information and advice with the millions of other women who are experts about something because they themselves have experienced and learned about it."

What our advertisers and sponsors say:

"Advertising with has been the best move I have made for my business. I had a remarkable increase in sales and in visits to my website as soon as the newsletter came out.  The humor, the fun, the women sharing their experiences- there is no better way to generate sales than by establishing a sense of community like you do! Thank you for allowing me to be part of it all."
Melissa France, ME Cosmeceuticals




"My statistics are currently proving what my intuitive sense was -- that advertising with you works..."
Elizabeth Kelly, Owner, Serene Comfort Your One Stop Shop for Menopause Friendly Sleepwear!




"Advertising with Minnie Pauz® has been an effective and fun way to reach our target audience of
women baby boomers." Web Ad.vantage, Inc

"Minnie Pauz delivers a unique blend of humor and knowledge that attracts a large, loyal base of women who are actively seeking information along with inspiration. Minnie Pauz® has been one of the most effective ways to get our message out to the right women." Craig Kitamura, Effisoy

"Thanks for all the help on getting the word out about in your newsletter.  It really helped the membership grow overnight!"  Deb Nyberg,

I did see a large increase in visits on the day you sent the newsletter and a few days after. I also saw an increase in sales so I definately am looking forward to seeing the response after the next newsletter.
Amy sollars, Crazy Lady Candy Company

Is your marketing strategy missing the bus?
Humor + Women + Advertising = Success

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The demand for menopause-related products and services is increasing
as boomers take their health into their own hands.

"Minnie Pauz" is becoming as important in the world of women's health as Smokey the Bear was to Forest Fire Prevention. Healthcare professionals and companies love having a new approach to reaching the millions of women who are experiencing the "change". The competition to get the attention of the huge babyboomer (menopausal) market is intense, and Minnie Pauz is positioned to help change the look  and RESULTS of healthcare marketing and advertising.


But, there's more! If you are a company who targets women 35-65, Minnie Pauz is the perfect character to promote your brand to your market.


Support groups, spas, diet and exercise plans, books and videos are emerging markets built around menopausal women. Natural supplements and soy products in lieu of controversial hormone replacement therapy are also popular. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities on offer great value for your advertising dollar! 

We have  top listing (usually within the top 10) in all major search engines for specialty keywords like menopause humor and cartoons.

#1 of about 1,550,000 for menopause humor in Google
 #1 of 1,660,000  results for menopause humor in Bing

  • Nearly 10,000 opt-in subscribers receive the Minnie Pauz e-mail newsletter, another 4500 registered on the forum and over 3165 current "likes" on Facebook.  
  • Our site provides over 300 cartoons so viewers continually return – providing your company with repeated exposure to each viewer with their return visits.
  • Minnie Pauz is without competition.  Your ads and messages clearly stand out from the traditional clutter that bombards the public. Women are attracted to a site tha
  • t is not only informative, but also entertaining and specifically for them.


Our audience is made up of not only women who are actively seeking to improve themselves and
their lives, but also medical professionals who are working to close the communication gap with
this unique generation as they experience the many sensitive issues of the aging process.
Minnie Pauz’s approach in reaching this audience is revolutionary
--Over 9,500 opt-in subscribers-- demographics

One of the most important issues is how long visitors remain on a website (or page).
We experience over 180,000 page views each month with an average time of
1-5 minutes being spent by 44.5% of visitors to our site.
22% spend 6-10 min. viewing the site

Opportunities Benefits
Promotional Material
  Educational Brochures
  Premium Gifts
  Prescription pads/notepads
Have your company name and logo imprinted on Minnie Pauz products to give as gifts to your customers, keeping your name fresh in their minds
Product Representation
  Health Products
  Hair removal products
Use "Minnie's" popularity to get their attention for your products! It's a totally different and completely non-threatening advertising approach.
Exclusive Contract Reserve "Minnie Pauz" for your product or campaign ALONE! (in your product category)
Public Service Campaigns
  Gov. Health Programs
  International Orgs
  Non-Profit Orgs
More effective than "Smokey the Bear" used to be for fire prevention! Your program or campaign will be INSTANTLY recognized and remembered. TV commercials, training materials, videos. Look at what "Snoopy" has done for Met Life!
Ad Campaigns You can stand out from the crowd! Design an entire campaign around this character. 
Personal Appearances
 Medical Conferences
 National Tour
 Women's Health Fairs
 Autograph Sessions
Book "Minnie Pauz" at least 3 mo. in advance!
 Health products
 Greeting cards
So many products that are being used and desired by midlife females! You can join in with this HOT new property!
Healthcare Illustration
 Slide presentations
 Animated training videos
Humorous illustrations always make information more enjoyable.
A great addition to any publication! Readers will look forward to the "next" cartoon appearing in your pages! Minnie Pauz illustrations can also help sell your book!
  Special Events
Private and Corporate sponsorship available.
Viewers depend on Minnie's recommendations for sites and products. Your ad appears over 12,000 email boxes at least once a month. See demographics and traffic* above for further info.

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