The Goals of "Minnie Pauz"

1. To help relieve the feeling of "being alone" in what we're going through by easing the day to day stress with smiles, laughter and giggles. 
2. To try to coordinate and sort through the (confusing) information that is available to us, but not easily found, by gathering links and articles from a variety of reliable sources and passing them on. 
3. To educate health care professionals and companies on what we need from them ( including everything from a new bedside manner to treatments that are going to really help us) by giving a voice to the thousands of women who are needing to be heard. 
4. To find new and better ways to distribute reliable, up to date information by using polls, newsletters, seminars and women's events to make sure more women can access the info they need. 
5. To create a world where our daughters and granddaughters know what to expect as they reach this time in their own lives. Again we are blazing a trail for the next generations and they will be able to prepare and live life to the fullest, no matter what age they are!

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