mammogram compression

The last thing women want to deal with starting from age 40, is a mammogram. We've always been told to get one every year, which I've done (except when I had no health insurance) but this year we're hearing that it may not be necessary! 
A long-term Canadian study (released Feb. 2014) suggests that getting those regular mammograms does not prevent death from breast cancer.
"The study involving almost 90,000 women found no difference in death rates between those who had mammograms and those who had annual physical exams performed by trained nurses."
I think a LOT of us women are quite relieved to hear this, but after all the changes in women's health in the past 15+ years, it's still confusing to know what to believe and what advice to follow! If you enjoy the cartoon (not the mammogram), please leave a message! LOL

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