Welcome to the world of menopause

Do you know who "Minnie Pauz" is? She's a woman, much like you if you are a woman with hormones, if you are a babyboomer, if you are single, married or divorced, quite simply, she's "everywoman". She is a little bit (or a lot) of all of us, depending on how you see her. She's gotten a lot of attention for the past 18 years and she's beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with the exposure she's getting. She's not a doctor or an expert on menopause, but she gets letters that ask about medical issues all the time. That's when she sends people to real experts. "Minnie" is very happy to respond to questions about weight gain and chocolate!
The main thing that "Minnie Pauz" brings to the table is a sense of humor about the whole subject of aging and feeling like the fun has gone out of our lives just because we're "changing". The aging process is inevitable but some do it better than others so we've GOT to laugh about it or we're doomed to feeling miserable for the next 30 to 40 years! Hey, that's a lot of time to do things we always wanted to do and still time to take care of ourselves and have FUN!
She only likes to be photographed from the back because she's feels that is her best "asset" and she's not so proud of her double chins and those dark hairs that keep popping out on her chin(s) and upper lip!
The Goals of "Minnie Pauz"

1. To help relieve the feeling of "being alone" in what we're going through by easing the day to day stress with smiles, laughter and giggles. 
2. To try to coordinate and sort through the (confusing) information that is available to us, but not easily found, by gathering links and articles from a variety of reliable sources and passing them on. 
3. To educate health care professionals and companies on what we need from them ( including everything from a new bedside manner to treatments that are going to really help us) by giving a voice to the thousands of women who are needing to be heard. 
4. To find new and better ways to distribute reliable, up to date information by using polls, newsletters, seminars and women's events to make sure more women can access the info they need. 
5. To create a world where our daughters and granddaughters know what to expect as they reach this time in their own lives. Again we are blazing a trail for the next generations and they will be able to prepare and live life to the fullest, no matter what age they are!





"A highly amusing string of very relevant cartoons flash up while a very appropriate song plays in this stellar menopause video. Hum along to Lisa Koch’s “I’m a Middle-Aged Woman” while the animated works of 

creative genius of Dee Adams grace the computer screen.

This unique video is the brainchild of the awesome MinniePauz.com. Check it out and make sure these great ladies know how much you appreciate their efforts. Watch, laugh, and enjoy!" Healthline.com



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