Menopause Symptoms

Anxiety, feeling ill at ease, Feelings of dread, apprehension, doom

10. Anxiety, feeling ill at ease 
                       11. Feelings of dread, apprehension, doom

"Anxiety and panic attacks are not a symptom of the menopause or of hormone fluctuations, they are the spin off affect of those conditions. They may be the initial catalyst for the anxiety and panic attacks but they do not drive those conditions. Rather like a person who takes a drug, experiences a panic attack and then thinks that they have permanently changed their brain chemistry... it just isn't true." ......Charles Linden

"Medications can be helpful for people with severe anxiety disorders. For the larger number of women with chronic, subclinical anxiety or mild anxiety disorders, there are alternative approaches that can provide relief. Natural treatments for anxiety target both the physical causes of anxiety — hormonal imbalance — and the emotional wellsprings. It’s especially important to deal with the physical first. And when you understand anxiety from a hormonal perspective, you will see how natural methods can succeed in solving it — even when other methods have failed."........from


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