Menopause Symptoms

Itchy, crawly skin

14. Itchy, crawly skin

One of the leading causes for itchy skin and menopause has to do with dehydration of the skin. Obviously, when the skin is not getting the moisture it needs then it becomes overly dry, causing the dead skin cells to slough off, which itches. Therefore, another option for your itchy skin during menopause is to drink lots and lots of water. We recommend you drink between eight and ten full glasses a day. However, try to choose bottled water, distilled water, or use a filtered system so you are getting only the fresh water and nothing else. In addition to helping itchy skin for menopause, drinking this much water every day is good for your body overall, especially when it comes to clearing up blemishes.

TIP: A natural solution (from Susun Weed's forum) "The itchy, crawly skin thing may be nerve-oriented, so Oatstraw infusions may well help take the edge off of that."  

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