Menopause Symptoms

Increase in allergies

24. Increase in allergies

Sugar & Allergies

How sugar can set off an allergic response

"Sugar (or carbohydrates with a high glycemic value) produces an inflammatory response identical to your immune response. This places major demands on your digestive system, and interferes with absorption of crucial vitamins and minerals. Sugar also suppresses your immune system. This makes it more difficult for you to fight off viruses and bacterial infections. Sugar wreaks havoc on your metabolism making it difficult for you to absorb the healthy foods you're eating. Sugar also depletes valuable neurotransmitters that help you think clearly. The energy rush and insulin spike that you get from sugar creates an imbalance in your body chemistry. This can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance, and loss of appetite control. Confusion, forgetfulness, ADHD, and depression are symptoms that can occur as much as 2 days after eating sugar. Muscle cramping, PMS, joint pain, and fatigue are other common symptoms of a sugar sensitivity."......from Living Well with Menopause: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need To Know (Living Well) (Paperback) by Carolyn Chambers Clark 

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