Antidepressants Can Lead to Hot Flashes and Insomnia

Antidepressants Can Lead to Hot Flashes and Insomnia


"Your website is so helpful because it 
informs us,about symptoms our mothers never spoke about, except Hot Flashes. 
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                                                  As thoughts turn to love this February, which is also American Heart Month, I want to talk about how 
                                                   hormones affect our ability to give and receive love. Optimal hormonal 
                                                   balances lead to healthier relationships, but hormonal disturbances like irritability, 
                                                   lethargy, drop in libido, headaches and hot flashes can make it hard to connect and 
                                                   feel sexy. If you’re feeling the hormonal shifts of menopause, join me for a free call 
                                                   to learn how homeopathy can help adjust your hormones and bring clarity. Because 
                                                   when you don’t feel balanced—whether it’s because your body has too much estrogen 
                                                   (estrogen dominance) or declining levels of estrogen, you may feel less in tune with 
                                                   your partner and out of sync with life.

                                                   Don't worry--your body can bring itself into balance. I see this time and time again in 
                                                   my practice after I suggest a homeopathic remedy that acts as a re-set button, and I 
                                                   watch my clients start loving their lives again. Here are some tips for balancing 
                                                   hormones at home:

                                                   Tips for balancing your hormones

                                                   1. Eat cruciferous vegetables daily to regulate your estrogen levels. Broccoli, kale, 
                                                   cabbage, arugula and collard greens keep your liver clean and help process your 
                                                   hormones optimally so you can feel your best. Note: If you have a thyroid problem, do 
                                                   not eat rawcruciferous vegetables because they suppress thyroid function.

                                                   2. Choose organic vegetables since they are grown without added hormones or 
                                                   pesticides, which contain xenoestrogens that add an extra burden to your body. 
                                                   These outside hormone-like invaders mimic estrogen in your body, and often lead to 
                                                   increased symptoms like irritability when your liver is overloaded. 

                                                   3. Buy pastured chicken or grass-fed beef to avoid ingesting the added hormones and 
                                                   antibiotics typically used in farming practices, which can lead to hormonal imbalances 
                                                   in your body. The meats you find at the grocery and at restaurants are 
                                                   factory-farmed unless they are specifically labeled pastured /free-range or 
                                                   grass-fed. A great movie to see is Food, Inc., which shows a behind-the-scenes view 
                                                   of factory farming. Watch it here for free. The segment about chicken production 
                                                   (12:15) profoundly changed my desire to find good sources for the meats I eat.

                                                   Marnie Reasor, Classical Homeopath


Lifestyle Recommendations During Menopause  
- Dr. Robert Hackman

Formula W™ by AdvoCare is an important development in women's health supplements. At AdvoCare, we also promote a wellness lifestyle, recognizing that no matter how sophisticated the supplement, nothing replaces or substitutes for wise dietary choices, regular physical activity and other health-promoting practices.

Many Formula W™ users are in the perimenopausal time of their lives - a period where a wellness lifestyle can make a huge difference in how one feels, looks and performs. A distillation of some of the top recommendations by leading health authorities includes:


Consume a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruits (7-9 servings of vegetables and fruits per day). 
Consume oily fish twice weekly or take a scientifically sophisticated omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Remember, not all omega-3 supplements are of the same quality or effectiveness. 
Maintain bone health. At a minimum, consume at least 1,200 mg calcium and 800 IU vitamin D daily. Additional nutrients such as vitamin K, magnesium and key trace elements such as zinc, boron and manganese are also important for a complete bone health supplement. 
Moderate your intake of alcohol to one serving per day. 
Balance calorie intake with physical activity (calorie expenditure) to maintain a healthy weight. 
Avoid hot flash triggers, e.g., spicy foods, hot beverages.

Physical Activity

As we grow older, more physical activity is needed than when we were younger, since metabolism naturally slows down with aging. A wellness lifestyle includes some form of physical activity nearly every day. Most health experts recommend a minimum of 30 minutes and up to 60-90 minutes of physical activity, five or six days a week. Be sure to combine weight-bearing activity (to maintain muscle mass and strength) with aerobic activities to help burn calories and maintain cardiovascular health.


Do not smoke. Because smoking is linked to a decline in estrogen levels, women who smoke reach menopause about two years earlier than nonsmokers. Smoking doubles a woman's odds of developing heart disease and is a major risk factor for osteoporosis. 
Be prepared to regulate your body heat. Dress in layers that can be removed if hot flashes occur. Use a hand-held or battery-operated fan for cooling. Take a tepid or cool shower before bedtime.

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