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24 September 2013

Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

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There is an article in the October 2013 issue of MORE magazine that is once again setting us up for confusion about taking what is called "bio-identical" homones or BHRT. I put that in quotes because just like everything else these days (organic, natural, free-range), nothing is really as clear or real as it sounds.
If you are taking ANY kind of hormones for menopausal symptoms, you need to read this article! I feel it will give you the most valid information in the most easy to understand terms from one of the most reliable sources out there. My sister has been using the BHRT for many years (she is postmenopausal) and swears by them. I've never taken any kind of hormone replacement (except my own brand of Humor Replacement Therapy), so I can't give any personal experience, but I've been following this story for more than 18 years and I CAN testify to the amount of confusion ALL of us are going through.
I wish the article was online so I could link to it, but the most I can do is encourage you to get the magazine, read the article and then discuss it with other women on your favorite forum or website. 

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