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24 March 2014

Did You Have Your Hug Today?

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Hugs just don't get enough credit!

Did You Have Your Hug Today?
Hugs just don't get enough credit! I was thinking about this recently as Valentine's Day came and went with no hug (or kiss or card) from a sweetheart. When you've been single for a long time, you tend to forget how important a simple hug can be. I have listed all the different kinds of hugs I could think of below. Maybe you can think of more.

ROMANTIC HUG...There's no mistaking this one! It usually involves both arms wrapped around you, with gentle pressure, some caressing and it lingers for a long time. I always call this one a "full-body hug". Can lead to kissing!

CHILD'S HUG...This is always a special one, and is usually the only time you get your knees hugged! Of course, if you get down to the child's level, there's nothing like those pudgy little arms wrapped around your neck to put a smile on your face!

FRIENDSHIP HUG...This can be anything from a strong, loving hug from a best friend, to a quick squeeze from someone you know casually. Either way, it's a way of communicating a variety of feelings in a friendly way.

SYMPATHY HUG...How else can you show someone that you feel their sorrow or disappointment? This hug is best used when someone needs comforting.

CONGRATULATIONS HUG...These are usually spontaneous and short-lived, but happy and warm. They can happen anywhere...sometimes in the workplace. I wonder how many romances have started from this kind of hug?

MISSED YOU HUG...This one can take your breath away (if you've been away a long time)! It also can last the longest, like you're trying to make up for lost time. It's very strong and warm and may include promises to never be apart again.

THANK YOU HUG...Usually the happiest kind of hug, but may be given in exchange for the "sympathy hug" mentioned above. The more you tend to do for people, the more of these hugs you can plan on getting.

CYBER HUG...well, I guess it's better than nothing, but you don't actually feel this one physically (which is where you get the most benefit). You get these in a variety of ways....through email, message programs and on webpages. Looks like this: ((((((Your Name)))))

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