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10 March 2014

Finding Our Balance

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Finding Our Balance

For those of us in some stage of hormonal change (before, during & after), we are constantly searching for BALANCE in our lives. I want to offer you some of the ways I've managed to find my balance over the years and my goals for the future. I certainly don't have all the answers, but feel a responsibility to share my discoveries with you and hope that some of my comments will help in some small way to make your life a little happier, easier, more organized and together.

1. Reassess priorities.... things have changed in our lives and we need to make US a priority! 

2. Don't look back..... let go of the past. We made our mistakes and we've lived with them and punished ourselves long enough. 

3. Express your true feelings...... stand up for yourself and your beliefs. Try not to worry if someone will get mad at you for saying what you need to say or doing what you need to do!

4. Pick a focus, any focus....... it's a matter of getting organized and not letting anything change your course of action until you are ready to change.

5. Reach out for help when you need it...... whether it's a book of inspiration, an appointment with a therapist, or a business coach, just DO IT! You'll be glad you did!

6. Be grateful....... there's ALWAYS  someone who is worse off than you are. Finding something to be grateful for will help you appreciate where you are and how fortunate you really are.

7. Share what you know....... the internet has been one of the best sources of comfort, information and support for women who feel they are alone and losing their minds! Every time you share your story, you help someone else!

8. Laugh, laugh, laugh...... need I say more?

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