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Although we have never met, I want you to know how the stumbling onto your website was one of the great comforts of finding out that I can make it through the BIG M.  As many know who have experienced Menopause, it can be a very difficult time in a womans life.  Through a website like yours the articles and information are of tremendous comfort not to mention the books, other websites etc... these help methods that your column offer are so effective.  I want to thank you so much for sharing in one of the most difficult times of my life.  I have laughed at your comic strips, because they really hit home.  I love all of the studies, and info. etc. whereby I have seen my symtoms in them. Thanks so much, Marge Monteleone 

I would like to give you my "two cents worth" about the wonderful life saving site - MinniePauz!  I stumbled onto this site by accident and for once, this accident didn't hurt - it has helped me!  The cartoons keep me in stitches as I can soooo relate to each one.  The links are tremendous - I keep finding out new and better information about this strange time in my life.  The Boards have been a great help; I had written requesting help with weight & estrogen problems I was having and the response was better than I could have hoped for.  Plus, reading some of the other women's questions, ordeals really really helped me to know I am not crazy. 

Its amazing how many different sites are out there for everything but not that much information for women/menopause - especially one with such humor and information as MinniePauz.  Quite a few of the menopause sites I had found previously all had such "technical" information on them or were advertising certain drugs/supplements that I felt I was getting all the information I really needed or could understand.  I visit my MinniePauz site each week to see what has been added, to keep reading what I haven't had a chance to read yet, and especially to see the new cartoon!

I even bought a book just recently published - mainly because my MinniePauz cartoons were in it!  Thank you for all your trouble & great work & information.  You are truly helping women like me, who have undergone horrific changes to one's body, become more knowledgeable and not feel so alone.---debbie kay martin

I just wanted to tell you that I love the site.  It is full of great tips and good sound information and humor which is important. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to your site just to be uplifted by the humor.  I love to laugh and I am always guaranteed of a good one when I look at the cartoons or just read stuff on your site. Thanks for doing this for all of us Minnies out here.   I know it must be a lot of work.  But I know it must bless thousands of women who need to laugh. Sue Irving

 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE MINNIE PAUZ!  Please keep it up! It has served as an enlightening article for my 18 yr old daughter to read and understand what I go thru. Thanks Minnie for being there, not just for me, but for every woman! DJ 

I think think the character Minnie wraps a lot of important information and understanding in a thick coat of warm humor.  She's quite a gal.......Bill 

Thank s heaps for my newsletter, I love reading it when it arrives - gives me a real lift. hugs & smiles, Rosemary 

THANK YOU!  You're great! and your website is a godsend :-) k.

Hi Dee, 
I love your portrayal of menopause. What a delightful way to deal with stress! I found your site while looking around for information about my symptoms. Oh, brother, what a find! I love the cartoon with the woman riding the lawnmower with the fan, ice and cold drink on board! Thank you and keep up the good work. Marion "Dinkey" Johnson 

Thanks Dee, you are such an inspiration to us youngish 50's & over club and I thank you for making me laugh lst thing in the morning, just to start my day off right. Keep up the good work and look forward to your next newsletter... I just love 'em! Love 'n hugs, Rosemary

This was the most informative site concerning the issue of menopause, I have ever entered.(more informative than most medical sites)This site addressed all of my concerns above and beyond. Thank you for helping me and I am sure hundreds or even thousands of the uninformed women. Again, thank you, Jennifer 

I am glad to find out that there are a lot of women like me who have decided that humor works out better than medicine sometimes.  I have tried the medical HRT  and it almost killed me.  Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone.  But I do have a few questions that I would like answered.  How many calories can be burned with the normal hot flash?  Could we get energy credits when we have them?   Are we to blame for global warming?  If they need more water will they send us to live on the north or south pole? 

Dear Dee: 
I can't tell you what it has meant to have your site as a source not only of information, but of some of the greatest laughter.  Thank you so much.  I have always felt like a rebel too, but I love your "rebel with the pause" line.  Thanks for helping those of us who are "older" get a grip.  Keep up the great work. 
Best regards, Julie 

"Humor Replacement Therapy." It may not solve all the complaints of menopause, but one thing is for sure; laughter is a great stress release, and boosts immunity, plus it just plain feels good !  The Bible even has something to say about the healthy effects of a merry heart!  It's also nice to know that even through the laughter, there are others in the same, or similar boat, which makes one feel less freakish.

As for the more serious part, the nuts and bolts kind of information....well, it's great to have a place to find answers, in a friendly "atmosphere," and one that is easily navigated.  There's nothing like going to a site and not being able to figure out how to glean what you are looking for.  It just makes you want to give up..........Jill F. NY

Thanks for creating a web site for women to feel they are not going crazy. It has helped me deal with this time of my life with humour.  I think with your information and humour it has made it easier to talk to my partner about menopause.  I print some of the cartoons so he can also have a laugh. Thank you. Irene 

I just had to tell you Dee how much this web sight means to me..when ever I am down (you know) I pop in here get a shot of air lol and leave with a smile on my face..I love you and Minnie Pauz!!!!!  keep up the fight!! We need you!! :)

The Minnie Pauz cartoon has really helped me to deal with all the changes my body has undergone as well as emotionally. I can talk openly about discomforts like "hot flashes", since there are times when I can't hide them or ignore them, so I just laugh about them.  This character has really helped me to see the lighter side of these transitions.----------Marcia

I have just found your site and fell in love with it.. my husband found information along with myself very informative .. on both Menopause and Male Menopause... I wish I could have found you a few years earlier... My friend is just going through what I went through and I sent her your link... I know she will use it a lot.... Your cartoons are the best.  If you can't laugh at yourself and what you are going through then you might as well give up....Thank you, thank you, thank you... I just can't thank you enough for all the help your site has been for me.------Sandie 

The effect Minni Pauz web site has had on my life is great. I now have a better perception of menopause, I do not feel alone any longer, it is one big support group. I know if I have a question it will get answered. I enjoy the minniepauz cartoons, very much. Dee to me is a person with a lot of knowledge, she is funny and she is right there to try and answer your question or let you know how to get your question answered. ----------Patty Bryant

These cartoons I have shared with neighbors, friends about to undergo "woman" surgery, and at a nursing home of those beyond "our age". In every case, men and women,  there has been a wonderful reception not only of the humor involved with the cartoons, but the links have led to information desperately needed by some neighbors and friends. You not only provide humor, but the education we have so long needed to understand ourselves. 

The trauma of "our raging-changing hormones", via age or via surgery has been lessened by the humor and by the information to which you link, providing comfort and assurance of the "togetherness" we share as aging girls. Again, education is the key to survival and assurance we are not going bonkers. 

My prayer is you never cease to provide us with your love through humor and education through this website. Thank you for your courage in addressing our "problem" with solutions.-------Marilyn E. Moore

I love the site. Makes the trial of hot flashes a little less of a trial.  The info about menopause is informative and useful in helping sort out the whole mess. --------Pat Leveling 

I absolutely love "Minnie" you have taken something most women dread, fear and loathe and turned it into 
something we can laugh about AND SHARE!  Though we each must cope and endure in our own way, at least  
we have Minnie to let us know "We are not alone!"  Wishing you sucess and future happiness with "Minnie" 
you bring so much to so many women. Warmest Regards---------Holly E. Geraghty

There is nothing healthier than laughter.  Your site provides that for women going through a big change in life.  One of the best ways to greet change is with laughter. Your site is a good tonic for most of us!-----------Ginny Grein

I haven't been reading Minnie Pauz but for a few days. So far, it has helped me immensely.  I was having a really tough time at work, the emotions, the perspiring, about to kill the whole office.  Then I started searching sites for information about menopause and came upon this site.  I have downloaded about three pics so far and have posted them throughout my office as reminders to me and others about the BIG BEAR.....  Keep em coming please. Thanks

I am writing to tell you how wonderful I think your site is. I am not going through menopause (yet) although I find more "signals" every day. I fell into your website one day , and I immediatley signed up and then forwarded it to all the women I know. I love the news, the cartoons and the openness.........WONDERFUL WORK......... keep it up.--------Cheryl K

I really love your site and look forward to receiving each newsletter. There is a lot of information on your site that isn't available anywhere else.  I discovered a lot about menopause by checking out the symptoms.  I didn't know that so much of what I'm going through can be linked to menopause.  Keep up the good work!------Debby Perry, Lexington, KY 
P.S. **LOVE** the cartoons too!  And the new Minnie Moments is great!

I love your website. It's good to know that there are others out there with the same symtoms (like the good old hot flashes!) that I have. The cartooons are great. Keep up the good work.----------ev

I think that Minnie Pauz site is fantastic.  Browsing the old cartoons lifts my spirits when I dearly need them pulled out of the depths. Although I haven't read too many articles yet, I hope to find some that might address how 'the pill' effects the advent of menopause. Thank you for sharing the information that you have gathered and for reviewing them.-----------Jan

I can't begin to tell you how much this site has helped me.  I come here when I need a laugh, when I need help, when I need kind words and encouragement.  The links to other sites and web pages are excellent and I have joined several different groups and newsletters from information that you have posted on your site.  I look forward to your emails.  Thanks for all the hard work and dedication that must go into keeping a site like this alive.  You are definitely appreciated by me!----Mary Anne

"Minnie" should be a Required Handout at every GYN office and Women's Organization.  Not only are the cartoons 100% "on target" about what women experience, but they allow us to laugh at ourselves and our "situation"...and let us know WE ARE NOT ALONE! The MinniePauz website is not only a place to laugh and feel good...but it's ALSO a great source of 
information...that many women might otherwise NOT have access to. "Minnie" needs more exposure......she should be in magazines, newspapers, talk shows, on t-shirts and baseball caps!  I have recommended the MinniePauz website to many women friends and LOTS of men...who've needed "guidance and information"....and they have ALL reported back that they 
loved it! Best wishes in your future. Wishing you nothing but success.   THANKS for EVERYTHING! 
Most sincerely, Holly E. Geraghty

Trisha Posner, Author of "This is not your Mother's Menopause" says: 
"I love your creativity, sense of humor, and zeal!"

Valerie Harper, Actress and Author of "Today I am a Ma'am" says: 
"One of my favorite websites.....Click on and laugh your socks'll learn something too..."

Dr. Rallie McAlister, Physician, Author, Lecturer 
"Your web site is excellent, and I really got a kick out of wandering through it.  
I think its a great idea, and I will send many of my patients your way." 

"When all else fails, visit the Minnie Pauz site to look at everything from the lighter side of life. There are jokes, cartoons, stories and guest articles with enough honest humor to get you though the toughest time. There are testimonials and inspiration and even a section for men only. This one's a fun visit for the ''patient'' as well as the family. As the site slogan says, ''If you don't get it, you ain't there yet!''  
.....Jan Perry, freelance writer in the Cincinnati Post

I must admit, I enjoy the cartoons most.  Maybe additional medical info would be nice, having recently decided to stop taking estrogen I'm looking for info.  But I just stopped, so no hot flashes as of yet. --------Judith

I'd like to say that I enjoy the cartoons very much. Also I find the articles very helpful. Thank You, Gina

Just a few weeks back I found out that I was going through menopause and the doctor gave me estrogen to start. I did not get all the information that I wanted, so I came home and looked for sites with information on Menopause. I found your site very interesting and informative. Sent your link to a few of my friends. I must tell you that I love the cartoons. They are so true and cute. Wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your updates and your site. Keep up the great work. --------Cindy M.

I just wanted to write a short review of Minnie Pauz.......this is probably the cutest informative site about the dreaded menopause that I have ever seen. It has help me keep my sanity through it all. This menopause stuff is all new to me, it is nice to know that I am not alone and not crazy! Thank-you so much for this site!!!!!--------Kathi Stauffer


You 're a godsend to all the women over 40!  It has been told to me over the years thar once you get over 40, you should stop doing a lot of things you do.  But through your website, that myth is down the toilet.  Instead of looking as if we are ready for geritol, take it to the shopping mall buy yourself something and keep stepping.  I've adopted a saying that I believe in dearly, "I'm like fine wine, I get better with age." So you keep doing what you're doing girl because the sisterhood (40+ women )  
got your back and if I can be of any assistance, I will be glad to help. ----------Diann Watkins

I love the site and the humor. I am currently teaching a class on menopause and the cartoons really help gain perspective in making it humorous.

Minniepauz is a great site with information I can't find anywhere else (the list of gynocologists specializing in menopause),  
an opportunity to share the humor in this time of my life and my peers, and encouragement, inspiration and the wisdom of others. I'm greatful to Dee Adams for creating this site, proving that we CAN be more creative as we ripen, like fine champagne! 

Just a note about website. I found this while researching menopause. I am 43 years old. Dr. said too young for menopause but after a year he has agreed with me. At first I was upset because I felt like I was loosing some of my youth.I found your website while researching hyperplasia and was tickled to see the cartoons. It really has changed my outlook about this time in my life. I don't care so much about menopause just want to make it thru all the emotional aspects and the sweats and hot flashes. I have found a lot of helpful links also. Thank you so much for a refreshing outlook on this time of our lives.-----Vicki G

Thank you, thank you, for your oh so funny look at this time in our  lives.

I love this site.  I see myself in the cartoons - and fortunately I'm able to laugh at it.  The information is helpful. Thanks for such a great site and for information that affects so many women!!!----------Diane Sutherland

My name is Frances Schwabenland.  I am an educator, therapist and a writer. Menopause can be one of the most difficult and confusing times in a woman's life. The "code of silence" which has existed has only served to increase this but little by little, this generation of women, 40 million strong, is breaking that code, discovering and creating ways to inform and support each other.  Dee Adams is one of those amazing women who exhibits a spirit of resiliency and care.  She is the creator of "Minnie Pauz"....a cartoon which is the first of its kind, which enables women to stop in the midst of this trying time and take a few deep breaths and laugh right out loud. She reminds us that laughter and not taking ourselves too seriously are the keys to healing and "getting through".

In my office, I have several of the cartoons posted on my bulletin board, on so many occasions, they made such a wonderful difference.  They serve to let women know that they are not alone and they bring forth something that can be so very difficult to be in touch with when experiencing hot flashes, insomnia and mood diffficulties....laughter. 
Dee, so many thanks for the positive difference you are making!--------Frances

Hey. I saw your request for a review. Coolness. Actually my testosterone count is way too high to consider myself a possible member, but your site does seem to identify with my wife. (and when I put some of the material in front of her friends as well) They do seem to have a lingo regarding all this that is a bit foreign, but sounds familiar with your material.----------Al 
PS.....I love the bit about the fan. There are fans running all over the house, and they are always running the wrong speed.

Excellent site with some very good articles and tips for those of us who are going through the various stages of menopause. The cartoons are fun and help to make us realize we are not alone in this.---------Jean

I really enjoy the cartoons--can relate very well to all of them and they do brighten up the day. I work in an office where the majority of the women are "pauzed" and have even tacked a few cartoons up in the lunchroom on occasion (have to be careful as we are to be politically correct and not ruffle feathers (mainly the male kind). If I can't read the whole article right away I always check out the cartoon. If the day has been rather rotten the cartoon always gives me a laugh and then I feel better --laughter is the best medicine. The links to new info, new books about fitness and health is greatly appreciated. It saves me searching all over the place. Keep up the great work! ----------Corrine (in Canada eh)

I enjoy reading the newsletter and seeing the comics.  I'm pre-menapausal-- so I can't relate to everything that is presented personally, but I can relate to a lot vicariously.  Since I am in a serious profession I tend to drift towards the more serious articles- but that's exactly why I need the balance that your site provides!---------Ellen

I was first introduced to your "Minnie Pauz" website about two weeks ago.  I access at work and therefore only browse for short periods.  I IMMEDIATELY sent the "Minnie Pauz" website link to ALL the women on one of my distribution lists which is for females only.  You are one COOL, TALENTED lady - but I suspect you ALREADY know that!!! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! I hope, someday, I get a chance to meet you.-----------Karen Kidd

I thought I would add my little bit. My name is Trudy van der Hoeven and I reside in Australia.  Although I cannot relate to many of the articles there are just as many more I can relate to and therefore I am a subscriber I just love the cartoons they have given me many a moment of pleasure and so my friends who do not have a computer I print them out for them. Also the articles on menopause they are also important.  The information I have gleaned from these pages are invaluable. I have also sent the minniepauze web page to all my friends and family who have the web and I wish them as much enjoyment.----Trudy

I love reading your articles and viewing the cartoons.  Although I'm not completely menopausal I appreciate the web site because it makes you appreciate you are not alone and that every symptom I have ever suffered has already been suffered by others - we are not unique.  It especially cheers me up when I'm hormonal.  Keep up the good work.-----------Linda Jordan

Adding a sense of humor to my life when all hell seems to be coming loose is vital to my well being. I have Minniepauz cartoons posted in my office to remind just how normal I am. Thanks, -----------Lynda

"Creator Dee Adams advocates Humor Replacement Therapy (HRT). A refreshingly different 
look at menopausal treatment!"-----------Dr. Ingrid Pincott 
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