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TIME Magazine May 2005


 Valerie Harper, Actress and Author of "Today I am a Ma'am" says in her book:



"One of my favorite websites.....Click on and laugh your socks off....

you'll learn something too..."





Minnie Pauz on PBS
An in depth view of health breakthroughs in treatment,prevention and research for today's women. 
The series provides clear, concise medical information on topics such Breast Cancer, Menopause, 
Contraception and more. 

"Dee Adams is revolutionizing the way 
people view menopause"...Juju Chang, Broadcast
News Anchor and PBS AWH Series Host

BY, FOR AND ABOUT WOMEN Show Host Edie Galley interviews guests who share their interesting stories, experiences,

insights, and knowledge. Guests who share intimate details of their successes and failures, accomplishments and struggles,

setbacks and goals.  Guests that share specific tips and strategies that have been proven successful and can help you. 

Guests that will inspire and motivate you to find and follow your dreams and create success of your own design!

Listen as she interviews Dee Adams in a show called "Changing Careers in Mid-Life with NO Experience". (25 min.)

"If you're looking for a humorous answer to menopause, then visit
Created by Michigan's very own local cartoonist,
Dee Adams, the website provides information about menopause and other women's health
issues along with a large dose of laughter.
In addition, the website features a menopause message board to help you realize you're not the
only one going through the many challenges women face during menopause." 

Laughing your way through
menopause—and aging
 By ROBIN MCMACKEN, Special Sections Advertising Writer

Cartoonist Adams, 57, of Oxford, Mich., is also passionate about finding — and tickling — the funny bone in menopausal

women through her Minnie Pauz cartoons, which can be viewed at


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Minnie Pauz on CNN
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"In late 1998, Dee Adams hit the world by storm. This new cartoonist found an eager market for
her cartoon, Minnie Pauz. The character is a middle-aged woman who is dealing with the issue of menopause." MORE

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"Signing onto the Minnie Pauz Web site at offers HRT - not hormone replacement therapy, but Humor Replacement Therapy. The site features Minnie, the Rebel with the Pause, who takes her humor with a dose of seriousness and offers a free club where women can find information, a book club, health news, guest articles and more. It's not just fun and games, but it does give immediate access to 150 cartoons when you sign up."

Celebrity Guest on National Women's Health Resource Center's site

The Cincinnati Post
"When all else fails, visit the Minnie Pauz site to look at everything from the lighter side of life. There are jokes, cartoons, stories and guest articles with enough honest humor to get you though the toughest time. There are testimonials and inspiration and even a section for men only. This one's a fun visit for the ''patient'' as well as the family. As the site slogan says, ''If you don't get it, you ain't there yet!'' by Jan Perry, freelance writer for The Cincinnati Post

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